The Menswear Manifesto 4

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The 401 best men's clothing brands to resell online, broken down in detail.

Each brand is analyzed by sales velocity, sale prices and how well different clothing categories perform within the brand. I also give recommendations, based on personal experience and market research, of what to buy and what to avoid.

Included is a beginner's guide to identifying desirable clothing out in the wild. Even if you have little or no experience flipping menswear, you will be equipped to make sound purchases by following my guidelines.

The information is tailored to Ebay, but applies to Poshmark, Mercari and other reselling platforms as well.

Your purchase will give you access to a Google Doc that can be used on desktop or phone, or can be downloaded to use offline.

If you'd like to use the Manifesto on your phone, I encourage you to download the Google Docs app.

This is a pay-what-you-want product. You are at liberty to buy it for zero dollars if you wish, though I ask that you contribute what you think it's worth.

I will not upsell you on any other products. No features will be limited if you download for free. If you feel the Manifesto will be of value to you, please pay me a price you think is fair.

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Detailed analysis of 401 men's clothing brands that are worth selling online

75 new brands
Sellthrough rate for every brand, calculated by hand
Category breakdowns within the brands so you know exactly what is in demand
Quick visual reference for each brand's average value and popularity
Alphabetized list for quick reference
Compatible with all devices that can access Google Docs
Beginner's guide to men's clothing selling
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The Menswear Manifesto 4

46 ratings
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